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New, Seasonal, & Essential Oil Specials

Enjoy the remarkable and positive benefits of our latest product additions. Also, delight in the warmth of our seasonal and holiday selections.

Essential Oils & Blends

Essential oils are the foundation of everything we do at Young Living and are at the center of our mission to improve and change peoples lives for the better. Explore the core of our product lines: 100% pure and natural essential oils backed by our Seed to Seal® promise.

At Home

These powerful essential oil-infused products are designed to be naturally derived solutions for you, your family and friends. From the cleaning products we use to the toothpaste in our cabinets, our homes should be a place where total wellness begins.

Healthy & Fit

True wellness starts from within our bodies. Nourish your vitality and senses, giving you a sense of adventure with nutritional products infused with a boost of pure, potent essential oils. Give your body nutritious foods and supplements full of the nutrients it craves.

Personal Care

True beauty resides within each of us. Free from harsh chemicals, Young Living’s personal care products contain naturally derived ingredients infused with natural, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Diffusers & Accessories

Young Living offers a wide range of diffusers and accessories to get the greatest benefits out of your essential oils. Our line of diffusers have an appearance that fits any décor, allowing you to match your style and needs with a purpose.

Enjoy Relaxation at Its’ Finest With Young Living Collections

Enjoy Relaxation at Its’ Finest With Young Living Collections

Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection

Experience the power and relaxation of massage and the amazing positive benefits it can have on your wellbeing. The Raindrop Technique® is a unique practice and tradition based on methods that have been used for centuries to help rejuvenate the body and mind. This amazing and incredible technique helps bring feelings of balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It involves dropping essential oils like raindrops along the spine, to create an atmosphere of spirituality, serenity and peaceful, uplifting feelings.

This exclusive essential oil collection includes a mix of seven single oils, each with unique and wonderful benefits to enhance relaxation. The technique involves three elements: Aromatherapy, Vita Flex Technique and Feather Stroking.

The Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection includes:

  • Thyme, which enhances relaxation;
  • Basil, known for being both calming and refreshing;
  • Peppermint, which provides a renewed feeling of vigor;
  • Oregano, which is warming and provides comfort;
  • Wintergreen, with its sweet minty scent and soothing properties;
  • Cypress, which restores and promotes grounding;
  • Marjoram, known to promote relaxation.
  • Valor, with its uplifting and affirming scent;
  • Aroma Siez™, with Lavender and Peppermint, has relaxing properties.

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Can't Find A Product Within Your Country?

Contact our Young Living Customer Service at
1(855) 429-2616 (Canada) or 1(800) 371-3515 (USA),
or 0(800)-917-9438 (Europe),
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How to Use

Refer to the Raindrop Technique brochure to learn how to perform the Raindrop Technique on others.


Thyme 5 ml, Basil 5 ml, Peppermint 5 ml, Oregano 5 ml, Wintergreen 5 ml, Cypress 5 ml, Marjoram 5 ml, Valor 5 ml, Aroma Siez 5 ml, Ortho Ease Massage Oil 8 oz, and V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex 8 oz.

Refer to the individual product labels for specific ingredients and usage.