The Essential Rewards Program

Ensure you always have the benefits of your favourite Young Living products on hand with the convenience of Essential Rewards where products are shipped hassle-free from our door to yours! Available exclusively to Young Living Independent Distributors, the Essential Rewards program offers many benefits.

The Essential Rewards Advantage

  • Guaranteed monthly shipments of your favorite Young Living products
  • Discounted pricing on exclusive product packages
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Points for free products earned on every Essential Rewards order
  • Additional compensation and bonus rewards
  • Discounted Shipping

All Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs. Members pay a $7.75 US/$9.75 CAN flat shipping fee on the order's first five pounds and just $0.70 per additional pound for ground and IGD shipments to Canada and the US1. For air shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, Essential Rewards members pay a $12.50 flat shipping fee on the order’s first five pounds and $1.25 for each additional pound.

Get savings exclusively as an Essential Rewards member with Essential Rewards packs for NingXia Red®, Everyday Oils™, Thieves®, A·R·T®, Core Supplements™, or Core Essentials Complete™ at a substantial discount off regular wholesale prices.

Essential Rewards members who are also Independent Distributors can access exclusive bonuses. The Matching Bonus, Team Performance Bonus, and Star Performance Bonus are just a few of the ways Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards. Learn more about Young Living's compensation plan.

Earn points toward future product purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months with Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards!

Months on Essential Rewards

Points Earned


10% of order point value (PV)2


15% of order PV3


20% of order PV4


For example, place an Essential Rewards order in the first six months of your membership with 50 PV and earn 5 points to redeem for free products or discounts5. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

Program Subject to Change

Get Started

Becoming an Essential Rewards member is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply:

    1. Enroll as a Young Living Independent Distributor:
    2. Choose your favorite Young Living products or Essential Rewards premium product pack(s) worth at least 50 PV.

Enroll Online - enter sponsor/enroller ID 255514
Sign Up Now

Wholesale Distributor Account: Sign up for a distributor account, then go to, click on Virtual Office, enter your New Member Account Number and PIN password to open Virtual Office, click on Essential Rewards to open an Autoship Account and Order!

*Autoship is Optional for Wholesale Distributor Account holders. To cancel autoship, please contact Customer Service
at 1 (800) 371-3515 (worldwide), or your nearest Young Living Customer Service number nearest you.

Enroll by Fax
Contact Pure Living Essentials at or 1 (888) 787-3983, to request an Essential Rewards Autoship Program enrollment form. Fax completed form to 1 (866) 203-5666 (International) to Order!

Contact Young Living at 1 (888) 787-3983, to request an Essential Rewards Autoship Program enrollment form. Fax completed form to 1 (866) 203-5666 (International) to Order! Or contact Young Living Customer Service below.

  1. To Manage your Essential Rewards order and to Redeem Essential Reward Points for FREE products (shipping charge not included), simply contact Customer Service 1 (800) 371-3515 or view your Virtual Office for the closest Young Living nearest you.


Young Living Customer Service 1 (800) 371-3515

Contact Pure Living Essentials to further assist you at
What Membership is Right For You?

Participation requires enrollment in a regular monthly order worth at least 50 PV. Young Living reserves the right to exclude any unavailable items as long as the changes do not affect monthly PV requirements.

You will not earn PV on products purchased with Essential Rewards points. Points can be redeemed on full PV product only. Some items, such as promotional items, may not be available for purchase using Essential Rewards points. Other exclusions may apply. Members are responsible for shipping, handling, and any applicable shipping tax. The cancellation of any Essential Rewards order forfeits all unused Essential Rewards points and resets the monthly participation in the program to zero. Points on any returned product will be forfeited.

  1. Rates applicable on ground shipments in the continental US and Canada only. Discounted rates are not applicable on reward point redemption orders.
  2. 30 points per month maximum
  3. 50 points per month maximum
  4. 75 points per month maximum
  5. Months enrolled in Essential Rewards must be consecutive. Month one begins at the time of enrollment. Points cannot be redeemed until a member has participated in Essential Rewards for two consecutive months. Generally, one point is equivalent to one PV. Redeem points by calling Order Entry at 1 (800) 371-2928.