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Essential Oil Safety Guidelines
  1. Always keep essential oils away from your eyes or directly in your ears or other delicate, sensitive areas. Depending on specific health conditions, for example, with asthma, the throat may be a sensitive area, especially with stronger oils. Consult with your health professional. Use them on the feet or other areas where the skin is less sensitive.
  2. If you feel heat or discomfort from using an essential oil, putting a pure vegetable oil on it will "cool" it off within seconds. Immediate dilution is strongly recommended if skin becomes painfully irritated or if an oil accidentally gets into eyes. Only a small amount of V-6 Mixing Oil or any high-grade vegetable oil would be required to dilute the skin or eye. Avoid using water, as essential oils are not water soluble and water may cause them to penetrate more quickly.
  3. Pay attention to specific notices on your oil bottle labels, you may see a recommendation not to go out in the sun after using certain oils, as one example.
  4. If pregnant or have any other type of health condition, first consult with your doctor.
  5. Essential oils that are intended for a bath or shower, first mix the essential oil with a dispersing agent, such as our Bath Gel Base or a mixture of bath salts.
  6. If a child or infant swallows an essential oil, administer milk, Agave (TM), honey or other safe, oil-soluble liquid. If dilution does not provide relief, discontinue use and contact your health care professional. Keep safely away from children.

Essential Oils Guide

Pure Living Essentials cannot accept any responsibility for misadventure resulting from the use of essential oils or any other therapeutic recommendations mentioned within this website.


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